Playing Slots for Real Money

Sometimes we all have the urge to play slots for real money. Or on occasion we may not have the opportunity to play slots for free. Say you take a cruise. The cruise ship isn’t going to let you play slots for free, so if you want to spend time in the casino, you’re going to need to know how to manage a bankroll. Or say you visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City on a trip. You’re going to want to visit the casinos and try your luck at a game or two. And actually, you should. After all, gambling is part of the experience in many places so why not enjoy the experience. And speaking of experience — you’re experience playing online slots for free should make you a better gambler.

The key to playing slots for real money lies in bankroll management. The bankroll is the amount of money you take with you into the casino. Now, regular players will have a line of credit with the casino and use that to gamble with so that they aren’t carrying money around. If you’re going on a cruise, I recommend checking with the cruise line before hand and getting a credit line to play on. Decide in advance how much you can gamble and stand firm on that. This will keep you from gambling away your excursion money and being trapped on the ship on port days. If you’re visiting Vegas, you can open a line of credit at your hotel or a favorite casino that you plan to spend time at. And it will help you determine your limits before you leave.

Now for a more casual trip and really low stakes gambling, opening a line of credit may not be worthwhile. But always determine how much you can play for before you enter the casino. Secure the rest of your money so that it’s difficult for you to get to and requires multiple steps. Each step will slow you down a bit when you’re fighting an adrenaline surge that insists you can win the jackpot with one more spin.

Also, watch you bankroll versus your time in the casino. There’s nothing more boring than being trapped in a casino with a bunch of heavy gambling friends when you’ve run out of gambling money. If you know you’ll be in the casino for a while, play lower stake games. Don’t be afraid to play the nickel slots or the penny slots if you need to stretch your dollars to fit your timeline. Also, don’t be afraid to take a break. Go look in the shops. Visit the snack bar. Wander around and watch the action at the tables. Then head back for a little more slots action. Taking a break can help you get your focus again.