Play Keno Win Money

One of the most popular forms of gambling across the world is lotteries. This is true whether they are national lotteries, state lotteries or pan-continental lotteries that span the boundaries of a broad expanse of land. The very fact that selecting a few numbers and then watching a random number generator select a certain number of these balls in the hope it will match our selections can generate huge amounts of money every week, is testament to the simple appeal of these globally popular games.

Yet did you know that if you head to a land based or online casino, there is a popular game available that follows these very same principles and which can lead to punters across the globe winning large amounts of money every few minutes? That game is called Keno and it is an casino game that has its origins deep in the ancient Far East. Like lottery games, you bet on a random number generator selecting your numbers from a selection between 1 and 80. Only in Keno, you can elect how many numbers you wish to select for each draw. The more numbers you select to enter, then the more chances you have of the random number generator picking your numbers, but also the more expensive it is to play.

You can select between four and 15 numbers to enter into a typical keno draw and the more numbers from your selection that the Keno generator selects, then the more you stand to win. Also, the more numbers you enter, then the greater the jackpot you can win increases, thus if you enter a game of Keno and select all 15 available numbers and bet $10 and all 15 of your numbers hit, you could win around $100,000 from that single game alone.

Of course, most of the time most winnings are much smaller affairs, but there are some clever little tidbits of information that many top Keno players like to keep for themselves.

Did you know

It is better to wager on three keno numbers than four due to the way the odds are weighted, or that it is also better strategy long term to bet on eleven keno numbers in one game, rather than any of seven, eight, nine or ten numbers?

Why is this? Well a quick analysis of the odds reveals that if you select three numbers and hit all three, then you will receive a payout of 16/1, however if you select four numbers and all four hit, you will only receive a payout of 12/1.

In picking 11 numbers, the odds of breaking even by picking 7 to 11 balls is the same, you need to hit 3 out of each selection. The odds of hitting 3 balls out of 11 are much greater than hitting 3 out of 7. In addition, the jackpot for the 11 number games is much higher than for the 7 number game again making the 11 number game a better option.

So, pick your numbers, sit back and try your luck at Keno, it’s like having your own personal lottery run every few minutes!