Online Craps

Basic Guide to Playing Craps in Casinos: Craps is always played using two six-sided dice with numbers from one to six on each die. With the two-dice combination in craps, the highest possible number rolled will be 12 and the lowest possible number rolled is two. There are 36 possible dice combinations produced in craps and the number seven is the most frequent number that can be rolled and this number determines the craps odds.

Craps is not only playable at land-based casinos because online craps is now available over the Internet through different online casinos. In the game of craps, the control of the game flow falls into a single player known as the shooter. The result of the shooter's throw will determine which of the players at the craps table win or lose.

The role of being the shooter in craps is passed from one player to another around the table in a clockwise direction but if a player don't want to be the shooter, the role is automatically passed on to the next player in line. As long as the shooter wins, meaning that a seven was not rolled after the shooter's point has been set up, he is in control of the entire craps game.

Before a new shooter will begin rolling the dice, craps table personnel called the stickman will push towards the shooter five or six pieces of dice. The shooter will then choose two dice out of the five or six dice to be used in the game and the unselected dice will be returned back to the stickman.

Before the dice are being thrown, the shooter will have to place his bets first on the Pass Line or Don't Pass Line. Since all the bets are now in place, the shooter will now have to toss the dice all the way to the opposite end of the craps table.

Craps Table

Failing to make the dice reach to the other end of the craps table will cause the boxman, other craps table personnel, to warn the shooter to throw the dice much harder in order to make them reach the table's end. But if you are playing in online craps, rolling the dice to the end of the table will not be a problem anymore.

The most important dice roll in craps is called as the come-out roll because this will determine the shooter's point of the game and this shooter's point must be roll one more time prior to rolling a seven. There are certain conditions that must be meeting to qualify the dice roll as the come-out roll like the following:

A seven-out was rolled by the former shooter. - It is the first dice throw of the new shooter. - On the earlier come-out roll, the shooter rolls a seven or 11. - On the earlier come-out roll, the shooter rolls a two, three, or 12 known as craps. - The shooter was able to roll again the point without rolling a seven in the game.