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Blackjack Strategies

Online blackjack is a strategy game, which can be played with numerous systems and theories. However, getting an edge over the dealer is possible, but takes some serious thought. Check out the realities of winning at online blackjack, for the average gamer.

Playing with basic strategy

Whenever you play blackjack with a pretty basic strategy, the house will still have an edge over you. Most blackjack experts suggest that the edge will usually be around 28 percent, assuming you're playing with the so called 'Liberal Vegas Rules' – in other words, 'the dealer stands on soft 17, you can double on any 2 cards, you can place split doubles, re-split aces and place late surrenders'.

Most gamers want to know why the blackjack dealer has an edge over the player. The answer is actually pretty simply – the edge is leveraged from the fact that the player makes their moves before the house. Logically, assuming the dealer could be made to move first, then they could bust independent of what your hand is (and of course, what moves you made). So, as you're probably starting to see – you can end up busting and losing – despite the fact that the dealer would bust too.

Progressing blackjack strategy

The first thing to implement when playing blackjack is a basic strategic game plan (you can easily find simple blackjack strategy sheets on the web). Once you're confident in using strategy, think about reducing the house edge by using other specific strategic ideas, such as how to power-up your double-down betting, as illustrated below…..

Double down when you see the following situation:

> The casino have a 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 cards = 10 or 11
>The dealer card is 3, 4, or 6 and you hold an Ace and numbered card

Don't double in the following scenarios

> The face-up dealer card is a 10 or a face

Free play blackjack and sign-up bonuses are a good idea for new blackjack gamers – offering the chance to experiment with blackjack strategy, before risking your own cash.

Blackjack Real Card Counting Strategies

Using a basic blackjack strategy is the basic key that casual gamers can use to reduce the power of the dealer, often cutting it back to less than 1% when applied with efficiency and diligence. However, while every casual player should get their hands on a basic strategic chart (there are hundreds on the web to print off) – most gamers are intrigued by blackjack card counting. Check out whether low level blackjack gamers have any chance of profiting with the infamous professional concept of playing blackjack.

Why blackjack card counting works?

The blackjack card pack contains the classic range of playing cards, and although there are some variations between different genres of the game, one thing remains constant – the presence of high and low cards. In blackjack, high cards are represented by 10's and aces; all others are essentially low cards (although there are many different ways of scoring them with hardcore blackjack systems). Simply put, the presence of high and low cards in the pack influence the statistical chance of the dealer busting or forming winning high value scores; however, if the pack is high in the big value cards, it comes much more likely they'll go bust, meaning the gamer automatically wins. The concept can be put in to reverse of course when the pack is low heavy.

Basic card counting concepts for casual gamers

While genuine card counting is much more complicated than simply understanding about high and low value cards – the basic concept of analyzing the flow of card scores is the ideal place to start for casual blackjack gamers:

> Make mental or physical note of the number of high and low cards drawn from the pack
> When over 5 high/low cards have been drawn against the one another, the edge has been created – favoring the house or gamer depending on the specific flow pattern.

It's easy to grasp this concept and with low level stakes and free-play credits widely available, it's now easy and low-risk to try it out. One idea is to get to grips with a basic blackjack strategy chart (the place all casual gamers should start) – and then once you're up to speed, try casual counting to see if the strategy works better when the pack is high rich. With time and some research, casual card counting could potentially help boost the fun and rewards of online blackjack.