Online Baccarat Game

The card game called Baccarat was first introduced in Italy, and after that in France, from where it has the name as well. The term refers to zero, and the player who has a zero value card has baccarat. Back when the game was illegal, it was played by the gamblers with high income, and nowadays is present on the casinos all over the world, including the online field. Due to its old and common character, the software for the game is developed by many manufacturers, the most popular being Microgaming and Playtech.

Baccarat has many variants of the game, but the most popular are the punto banco, as played in North America, baccarat chemin de fer, originally from France, and baccarat banque, also called à deux tableaux. The North American variant has also three types: the big table Baccarat, the mini Baccarat and the midi Baccarat. The Big Table Baccarat is usually played with 12-14 players and 3 casino dealers. All the players can bet on either the banker or any other player. The result of the game is tie, banker or player.


The game of Baccarat is rather easy to play even for a beginner. The most popular form, the American Baccarat or the punto banco, starts with 6 or 8 decks, as the provider casino wishes. Each hand has a calculated value as follows: the cards from 2-9 have the same value when counting; the Jack, Queen, King, but also number 10 have no value at all, while the Ace values one point. The player has baccarat when the value in his hand is zero. The values are calculated by summing up the value of each card in the hand. If the value has two digits, only the last one will be taken into consideration (for example, if the values are 7 and 8, then only 5, from 7+8=15, will be the final value).

There are 14 players in a normal game, but the seats don’t contain the number 13 because it is believed it brings bad luck. Three bet places are available for every player, with three opportunities: banker, tie or player. Each gambler can bet on one category or all at once. If the bet is placed on the banker’s zone, then the player wins if the dealer wins. Also, if the bet is placed for tie and the hand value is equal for both the player and the banker, the player wins. A bet on the player means that the person who made the bet is cheering for himself.


The jackpot of the Baccarat game shares the same rules, but its value differs from casino to casino. The bet for the jackpot is placed in a special place and if won it is shared between the players at the table. The jackpot is usually won if the player and the dealer have an Ace and 8, while the other cards are the same.


The bonuses offered for Baccarat usually starts from 10% of the match bonus, and it can be up to 500%, depending on the casino where it is played. The payouts policy of the online casino tells what the bonuses are for this game.

Winning Chances

The best part at this game is represented by the low chances of losing, especially if the player bets on the banker or player, but avoids the tie. Card counting, however, will be inefficient in this sort of game. If the game is played with 8 decks, then the odds are as follows: on the banker 1, 06%, on the player is 1.24% while on tie is 14.36%. The only difference between the 8 decks and 6 decks are the odds for the tie bet, which increases with 14.44%. All in all, it is a game of chance with very high winning odds.